Universal Beauty Standards

It is not surprising when there is a rise of universal beauty standards since we are living in a place where people exchange culture, beliefs and lifestyles. There are beauty standards written set by the Westerns and Asians. There are differences but as expected, there are similarities that we can find out.

  • Eyes- They said that eyes catches the attention others. The eyes should be big with thick eyelashes. East -Asians, wanting to level their beauty with the westerns, go for plastic surgery and make their slanted eyes look big plus double eyelids.

  • Hair- Universally, people like black and straight hair. Curly hair is used for a short time, not for permanent hair style. They said that hair is the glory of a woman. It does not matter if hair is damaged due to chemicals.
  • Skin- Skin is one of the most cared parts of the body for beauty concerns. White or pale-skinned people are accepted that much in any society. East Asians mock and reject tanned-skinned. Probably this is the reason why brown-skinned people try every sort of beauty product to lighten their skin.
  • Make-up- Make up becomes the basic standard of a presentable looking person wherever you go. Koreans can not even come out of their house having no make-up. They are not confident to show their face.
  • Body- Having slim body is a concern of most of women. Probably, this is an influenced of South Korean women. Probably becoming a stick is beauty. Chubby is a big no to Asians. In addition, most countries in the world really regard skinny as beautiful and attractive.