Slim Body: Is It a Standard of Beauty?

There are countries that set slimming as a standard of beauty. Researches show that Korea, China and Japan—these easterners, display ‘skinny’ as a standard of body appearance in addition to their beauty standards. On the other hand, westerners do not look up to skinny women. Of course, for celebrities, being slim is part of their life since the women regard skinny as beautiful. Skinny is a standard of beauty for those who do not like fat body and it is not a standard for those who do not like skinny body.

We see that South Koreans make effort to get rid of their fats through plastic surgery. This is why South Korea is a den of fake body looks. No wonder most of Koreans have similar looks. Koreans influence beauty perception around the world so many people from around the world fly to Korea just to obtain a fake look. It means, not only Korea think that slim is beautiful. The people who want to have a slim body regard it as beautiful.

Nevertheless, numerous people disregard slim body as beautiful. This is why they are anti-slim body. Many people, many differences. The differences of people’s thoughts make a society set a standard for trivial and non-trivial things in life. In conclusion, it is up to human to think whether a slim body is a standard of beauty or not. No one forces you to accept what you despise and vice versa. Acceptance is one driving force to happiness. People do what makes them happy so it is not good to break someone’s happiness.